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Kunafa is considered the queen of Arab sweets. It is one of the most delicious types of oriental sweets that the Levant is famous for. It is preferred to be eaten by millions from different parts of the Arab world, especially on the tables of the holy month of Ramadan . Eating it is considered One of the traditional customs in this holy month, and there are many types and varieties of them, finely chopped kunafa , rough kunafa , and rolled or rolled kunafa . Kunafa is one of the most famous oriental sweets that many people love. There are many types, such as rough and soft kunafa dough, and varieties prepared from fruits and nuts, and others. Let us learn together about the methods of making kunafa dough . its history The secrets of kunafa are revealed by history, and the accounts of the history of this profession are still conflicting , and we find that the people of the Levant are among the most skilled specialists in making kunafa . Other than the one that the Egyptians mastered with, they added cheese to it, especially Nablus , for which the city of Nablus is famous . its types Available in several different sizes to suit all customers' requirements, including very fine and medium thread, as well as coarse thread "Coarse thread for Nabulsieh" Our products are manufactured with great care and high quality according to different sizes and many methods to suit the manufacture of all types of eastern and western sweets and comply with the wishes of the most skilled sweet makers and all our valued customers